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Posts published in “Windows”

HP ThinClient 620 Upgrade to Windows 7 64 Bit and Windows 10 64Bit


I have successfully upgaded my HP ThinClient T620's memory and hard drive, also installed Windows 7 64 Bit and Windows 10 64 Bit to it.

Here are some screenshots from Windows 10 installation. Memory upgrade to 8G, and hard drive changed to 120G. Default Spec:

  • 1.5 GHz AMD GX-415A Quad-Core APU
  • 4GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM
  • 8GB Flash Storage
  • AMD Radeon HD 8330E Graphics (512MB min)

Run Commands as Administrator in Windows 10 Command Line and PowerShell


There are lots of limitations when trying to troubleshoot end user computer. I have to log in with their normal user account and see what is happening to their machine. At the same time, I have to use some command line to run some commands from CMD or PowerShell as admin.

Unfortunately, Group Policy has disabled to use admin mode for CMD and PowerShell:

Credential Guard Incompatible Solution for VMware Workstation on Win10


For IT personnel and program developers, in order to test the system and software, most of them rely on tools such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware or VirtualBox to build virtual machines. VMware is a leader in this field, and I am also like VMWare Workstation most. Just recently after upgrading Windows 10 1903, I found there is an incompatibility issue between VMware Workstation and Device / Credential Guard. VMware Workstation and Windows 10 systems…

Adding Windows Host into Zabbix (Active Check Mode)


1. Download Zabbix Agent Make sure you are using same version as your Zabbix server. I am using Zabbix 4.0 LTS, so here is my download link for Windows Agent: 2. Install Zabbix Agent By default, it will install your agent as passive mode 2.1 Verify ports For passive mode: C:\Users\John>netstat -na | find “100”   TCP              LISTENING  …