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Posts published in “Checkpoint”

Check Point R80.10 Test Lab in Cloud (Azure)


Check Point and Microsoft has a test drive for R80.10 lab. The lab has been designed very well to understand Check Point architecture and features To summarize what I have got, I recorded the lab video on my laptop and put them together.

1. Log Into Azure

This lab is being run within the Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure.
5 VMs:
1. Internal Client: Win-Victim : Windows server, smartconsole client, chrome,
2. Gateway&Mgmt server: standalone R80.10 Gateway and Mgmt server on same VM
3. Web Server: Ububtu  used to do web testing
4. Active Director: Win-DC
5. Pen test Tool: Kali

Check Point 1100 SIP Configuration and Troubleshooting Dropped the packets due to “Violated Unidirectional Connection”


One request came up for a simple internet SIP connection to SIP provide Goldline. There are VoIP devices involved in this task, such as Cisco Router AS5350 and IP PBX, also Check Point 1100 firewall used to protect this connection.


Check Point Firewall Memory Issue


  During regular firewall health check , I found one Check Point firewall cluster has a abnormal virtual memory usage from System Counters – System History view.  The cluster is 5600 Security Appliance. It looks the memory usage is going up significantly recently. There is no recent changes on hardware, software and configuration except normal firewall changes. I am afraid of Check Point gateway will freeze after this counter reached certain high number based on…

Check Point VPN Troubleshooting – IKEView Examples


Recently I went through Check Point VPN troubleshooting process with IKEVIEW tool. To download ikeview tool, please click here or Support Center download link. The IKEView utility is a Check Point tool created to assist in analysis of the ike.elg (IKEv1) and ikev2.xmll (IKEv2 – supported in R71 and above) files.ike.elg and ikev2.xmll files are useful for debugging Site-to-Site VPN and Check Point Remote Access Client encryption failures. Enabling IKE debug mode on Security Gateway results…

Basic Check Point Gaia CLI Commands and Installation Videos (Tips and Tricks)


This post summarises some basic but useful CLI commands  for your daily working reference especially for those who are just starting to configure your Check Point Gaia products. For some advanced usage, please check another post  “Advanced Checkpoint Gaia CLI Commands (Tips and Tricks)”  in this blog. 1. show version all FW-CP1>show version allProduct version Check Point Gaia R77.20OS build 124OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cpOS edition 32-bit 2. show interface DMZ / show interfaces FW-CP1>show interface DMZstate onmac-addr…

Check Point Appliance Visio Stencils for Downloading


Check Point  released their new products stencils public for downloading. You will not need Check Point account to download. It does not include some old models. Following appliance includes in this 3M file: 2200 3200 4000 5000 12000 13000 15000 21000 23000 41000-61000 Accessories SandBlast Smart-1 SMB-ROBO Check Point SK Link sk101866.Here is Download Link from Check Point Website:

Check Point Firewall USB Installation Step by Step (R77.20 and R77.30)


Customer is asking a new fresh installation on their UTM 272 devices and apparently usb stick or usb cd-rom is best solution. Checkpoint sk65205 explains very detail for all steps. I did follow the Check Point instruction but still got a problem while using USB stick. Here are all my steps I worked on. 1. Preparing USB Stick I am using a Kingston Traveller G3 8G USB stick which shows supported from Check Point sk92423…