Check Point 1100 Appliance

A couple of months ago, I received Check Point 600 Appliance and did a post regarding basic configuration for 600. It is used to replace replaces the Save@Office models and cannot be managed centrally by a Check Point SmartCenter Server. 1100 appliance is an all-in-one security appliance that offers robust, multi-layered protection with branch offices in mind, including flexible network interfaces and a compact, desktop form factor, which is used to replace the SG80 and the UTM-1 Edge.

Both 600 and 1100 appliances support local management. The SG600 can be centrally managed by Check Point’s SMB Management Cloud service. The SG1100 can be managed by standard Check Point management running R75.46 or above. Neither unit can be managed by the old Sofaware SMP product.

Back panel: 8 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, 1 DMZ port, console port.

Front Panel: there is one usb slot.

1. Connect One of LAN ports with your computer.
Your computer will get a DHCP ip address from network.
In my case, my laptop got ip address and gateway is which is 1100 appliance’s default LAN interface ip.

Type or , the browser will automatically re-direct to , which is default management interface of Check Point 1100 appliance.

2. First Time Configuration Wizard 
It will guide you to complete basic configuration step by step.






3.  Log in 1100 Appliance


4. Firewall Access Policy Configuration

4.1 Static NAT Server Configuration

4.2 Outbound Internet Access Rule

4.3 Inbound Access Rule from Internet

In following screenshots, there are three parts:

  • Red rectangle part is Outgoing access to the Internet which is auto-generated rule from 4.2
  • Green rectangle part is Incoming rules and VPN rules
    • Yellow rectangle part is manual rules for inbound traffic
    • Blue rectangle part is those auto-generated rules from 4.1 by static server NAT configuration.


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