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2016 Technology Salary Report (GTA) from Lannick

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Established in 1985, Lannick Group has been the GTA’s premier specialized recruitment and staffing firm for more than 30 years and we place more than 700 professionals annually.  2016 Technology Salary Repor is the latest technology report in their industry and role-specific Salary Reports.  Here are some interesting information from this report: 1. Job Comparison by Position (Greater Toronto Area):…

2015 Canada IT Skills & Salary Report

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Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro with some other partners executed the 2015 IT Skills and Salary Suvery between Sept. 15 to Oct .24, 2014. Full pdf can be download from 2015 IT Skills & Salary Report Here are some highlights which caught my eye balls: 1. Base Salary of Participants raised from 2011’s $79,579 to 2015’s $89,891 2. Salary by…

Free Dynamic DNS Service Site –

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Duck DNS is a free dynamic DNS hosted on Amazon EC2. To get it working is quite easy. Add a sub domain and update your current ip address to it. In above screenshot, I created as a DNS to point to my home network ISP ip.  On one of my home internal machines, just installed a client to update…

TekRADIUS Usage for AD Authentication

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TekRADIUS is a RADIUS software which can be easily integrated with AD. I have tested on one of pc , which even it is not in the domain. But AD authentication is still working, but not with group property.Here are some configuration settings: I set up two groups. One is admin group with privilege 15. Another is admin-read group.  Authentication-Method,…

Configuring Polycom Video Conference System – HDX 8000

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My company is using Polycom solution to provide video conference for all branches. Recently there is a issue which one way video and audio from my site. What I found trick part is the firewall settings on Polycom. I would like to go through main configurations on our Device first: 1. On system settings page, set up name and other…