Microsoft 365 Developer subscription is good for 90 days and is renewable based on valid developer activity. If you’re using your subscription for development, it will be renewed every 3 months and will last indefinitely. 

Check Expiration Date

You can find the expiration date, along with your subscription name, on your Microsoft 365 Developer Program dashboard.  Check your Microsoft 365 Developer Program subscription using your original account, not account with domain, such as admin@<Your Site> 

Create Apps Using Templates

One suggestions from Reddit: gives following steps to renew your subscription every quarter, which will gives you enough development activities on your subscription:

1. Lookbook Template

Step1: Visit Microsoft lookbook tempalte website,, find the template suits your need, and add it to your tenant.

Step 2: Provide site title and you can keep others as default, click Provision button then wait a couple of minutes, your sharepoint website will be provisioned. 

2. Create a team in teams

3. Publish Power Apps using available templates

4. Publish Power Automation Flows using available templates

5. Publish Power BI from available templates

Create OneDrive Index App

There are many ways to do this:

E5 Renew Program

Github project:

Author’s post: or Other person’s post:

Auto Renew Site:

Using Github Action to Renew

Github project:

From Github page, you will find all steps you will need. One post about this:

I have not got a chance to verify this since I already used other methods mentioned above to renew my E5 subscription. 


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By Jon

6 thoughts on “Methods to Renew Microsoft 365 Developer Subscription”
  1. Hi Johnny Netsec,

    I followed all the Steps mentioned in your video and was able to Renew my Microsoft 365 Developer Subscription today! Thank you for your advices and I must say that all are true and worked perfectly. Below are all the steps that I followed to Renew my Subscription;

    1) All the 4 steps given in the YouTube Video
    2) OneDrive Indexer through Heroku
    3) Applying for MS365 Renewal Program through following Link –
    4) Linking my GitHub Account to Microsoft Developer Program (Though I didn’t do any development in my GitHub Account other than a few Forks)
    5) Linking a Domain to my Microsoft 365 Developer Account

    That’s pretty much it! And of course I used the Office Package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well. Today I got the email from Microsoft saying that my Subscription has been renewed Successfully! For Proof see the image below –!AvLfxMi2_gY7b7StfH3RdwdYE40?e=usjBUa

    Thank you so much for your help and will always continue to see your other videos as well!!!

    1. Hi SinSan Gaming,
      Glad to hear your MS Developer subscription got renewed. Mine also keeps get renewing as well.

    1. The methods inside this post are still working. My E5 dev license keeps getting renewed.

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