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Posts published in “Raspberry Pi”

Install Ubuntu 20.04 on Raspberry Pi


Download Raspberry Pi Imager Install and Run Raspberry Pi Imager Choose OS and SD Card Choose Ubuntu -> Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Pi 2/3/4) Choose your SD Card, then Write Boot Raspberry Pi with your SD Card User following username and Password User: ubuntu Pass: ubuntu It will prompt you to change password right away after you log in. sudo -i You will need to connect your Ethernet cable to get Internet access to update…

Install WordPress on Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is mostly ready for use after the basic configuration completed in my previous posts:

The next cool thing to do is to install wordpress on it. This post is just used to record all steps I have followed online instruction installed an instance of a WordPress site to run on Raspberry Pi using the Apache Web Server. There are a lots of more things you may like to know regarding Apache, PHP, Mysql. It is best to search other online resources or take a look those listing at the Reference section to find out more.

Remote Access Raspberry Pi from Anywhere and Dynamic DNS Update with


After installed Raspberry Pi in your environment with Internet connection with my previous post, next step for Pi lover is how to configure your Pi so you can control it from anywhere you go.  Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration 2 From the research by Google, I found there are two websites providing free service to remote access your Pi from anywhere through Internet. 1. Weaved…

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration Part 2


This is the second post regarding basic configuration of Raspberry Pi 2. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration 2 1. Timezone change By default, Raspberry Pi 2 will use UTC time. Command tzselect will give you continent and country selection to pick. [email protected] ~ $ dateTue Oct  6 13:48:38 UTC [email protected] ~ $ tzselectPlease identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.Please…

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Basic Configuration Part 1


The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized general purpose Linux computer designed and manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making computers and programming instruction as accessible as possible to the widest number of people. Just recently I installed at home to play with it. There are already lots of resources available from Internet. This post and others are used to record all steps I did for making it useful to…