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Install Mac OSX AnyConnect Package on Cisco Router and on Mac Machine


One of my clients reported a Cisco AnyConnect issue. It only happened to his machine and later we found that is because he is using Mac machine. His credential works fine if he uses it at windows machine.

From following screenshot, obviously there is Mac AnyConnect package missing from vpn gateway.

Error Messages:

The AnyConnect package on the secure gateway could not be located. You may be experiencing network connectivity issues. Please try connecting again.

Expose your local service to public: Ngrok, FRP, localtunnel


For many IT workers remotely involved with networking, it is quite common to need to expose your Intranet application to the outside world in a secured manner. Unfortunately, we work most of the time from private IP networks, be that at the workplace, at home or at the coffee shop. The router(s) or firewall (s) that stands between our workstation and the internet makes it harder to expose a local socket to the outside. Most of the time, this is preferable for security.

A couple of solutions you can choose now:
1. Change your router / firewall configuration to do port forwarding or NAT from public to your application. But in many cases, you wont be able to make that changes or you even do not have that options.
2. Tunneling services : either self hosting or cloud services such as:

  • Ngrok
  • FRP
  • Localtunnel

This post is going to explore some of tunneling services I am using.


Setup & Installation
1. Download ngrok
ngrok is easy to install. Download a single binary with zero run-time dependencies. There are following versions available to download : WinodwsMac OS X Linux Mac (32-bit) Windows (32-bit)Linux (ARM) Linux (32-bit) FreeBSD (64-Bit)FreeBSD (32-bit)

CISCO ASA VPN Tips and Tricks


1. Clear VPN Configuration: 

clear configure crypto map VPN_AAAA

2. Debug and show commands:

Enable logging:

ciscoasa#terminal monitor
ciscoasa(config)# logging buffer-size 1048576
ciscoasa(config)# logging buffered 7
ciscoasa(config)# logging monitor 7
ciscoasa(config)# debug crypto condition peer
ciscoasa(config)# debug crypto ipsec 127

Cisco Router IKEv2 IPSec VPN Configuration


What is Differences between IKEv1 and IKE v2?
1. Different negotiation processes
− IKEv1

  • IKEv1 SA negotiation consists of two phases.
  • IKEv1 phase 1 negotiation aims to establish the IKE SA. This process supports the main mode and aggressive mode. Main mode uses six ISAKMP messages to establish the IKE SA, but aggressive mode uses only three. Therefore, aggressive mode is faster in IKE SA establishment. However, aggressive mode does not provide the Peer Identity Protection.
  • IKEv1 phase 2 negotiation aims to set up the IPSec SA for data transmission. This process uses the fast exchange mode (3 ISAKMP messages) to complete the negotiation.

− IKEv2

  • Compared with IKEv1, IKEv2 simplifies the SA negotiation process. IKEv2 uses two exchanges (a total of 4 messages) to create an IKE SA and a pair of IPSec SAs. To create multiple pairs of IPSec SAs, only one additional exchange is needed for each additional pair of SAs.

Troubleshooting Cisco IPSec Site to Site VPN – “QM Rejected”


There was a VPN issue to troubleshoot recently. It was between Juniper SRX and Cisco Router. It seems straightforward but it took quite a long time to troubleshoot because of communication. All steps listed here for my future reference.

Some other related posts:


1. Enabled Debugging on Cisco IOS Router

vpn-R1#debug crypto ipsec
Crypto IPSEC debugging is on

vpn-R1#debug crypto isakmp
Crypto ISAKMP debugging is on

vpn-R1#debug crypto engine
Crypto Engine debugging is on

vpn-R1#terminal monitor

Renew Cisco IOS IPSec VPN Certificates from Symantec


I am not sure if there is other better way to do it. There is no good documentation from Cisco or somewhere else regarding how you should do on renewing your ssl certificates once it is expired. Every a couple of years, I have to face this problem,  renewing all routers ssl certificates. As far as I know, you can not renew current existing certificates, you will have to created a new trustpoint , generate…

Cisco IOS Router Configuration: IPSec over GRE or GRE over IPSec(1)


IPSec over GRE means Outer Header is GRE. In other words, IPSec is riding over GRE. Please refer: Chapter: Point-to-Point GRE over IPSec Design and Implementation IPSEC over GRE Tunnel IPsec over GRE – Configuration and Explanation (CCIE Notes) The order for IPsec over GRE is IPsec first, GRE second. This order will result in these operations: 1.) Original header | Payload ! before IPsec2.) Original header | ESP | Encrypt ( Payload ) !…