I spent sometime to try to figure out how to add a website account into Vault and use PVWA to log in Website using CyberArk PAS without revealing password. There are many documents relating to this topic but the steps are not clear enough for me at the beginning. I summarized all steps together in this post. Hopefully it will helps if someone has same confusion as I.

Enable Chrome in PSM Server

By default, Chrome is not enabled at PSM server, only IE. To get PSM works well with your web sites, Chrome option will be a best browser so far. 

Create a new connection component

Copy a existing PSM-WebAppSample (Not PSM-WebFormSample) connection component and paste in as a new one. Rename id to a different one.

Create a new platform

  • Duplicate a existing Generic Web App platform.
  • Edit it.
  • Assign PSM and the new created connection component to new platform

Create a Website Account

Create an account

System Type : Website
Assign to Platform : 51Sec-Generic Web App
Store in Safe : 51Sec-Personal-Test
Username : admin
Address: blog.51sec.org/wp-login.php
Password: Password123456!


By Jonny

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