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Posts published by “johnyan”

Cyber Security TRA (Threat and Risk Assessment) Resources Research

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What is Risk: Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Asset The enterprise risk assessment and enterprise risk management processes comprise the heart of the information security framework. These are the processes that establish the rules and guidelines of the security policy while transforming the objectives of an information security framework into specific plans for the implementation of key controls and…

Windows Server Configuration Tips and Tricks

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Building a lab to test some Windows services , AD, DNS, DHCP, ADCS, etc. in my VMware ESXi 6 environment, to get it running smoothly and reduce some headache, I used following tricks to make my life easier. Most of work has to be done by Group Policy Management Editor. If you are running in a domain environment, create this…

Understanding Ping Command

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The ping command operates by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo Request messages to the destination computer and waiting for a response. How many of those responses are returned, and how long it takes for them to return, are the two major pieces of information that the ping command provides. ping /?

Deploy Symantec EndPoint Encryption 11.2.1 and Configure SEE to Encrypt Client Machines

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Symantec Endpoint Encryption protects sensitive information and ensures regulatory compliance. It encrypts all files on the hard drive, sector-by-sector, for maximum security. It supports Windows, Mac, tablets, self-encrypting drives, and removable media (USB drives, external hard drives, and DVDs). I had a chance to install it in my lab environment for a testing. This post is kind of recording all…

Basic Steps to Deploy and Config Symantec DLP 15.5 with Installation Videos

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I were working on Symantec DLP project and had some experience with it. This post is going to review what I have been done and how I managed to install it in my home lab environment. It will not be alike a step by step installation tutorial since Symantec documents have explained details enough. It mostly high level lists all…

Install Portainer to Manage Containers – Nginx, MySQL, WordPress

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Portainer is a lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your different Docker environments (Docker hosts or Swarm clusters). It is meant to be as simple to deploy as it is to use. It consists of a single container that can run on any Docker engine (can be deployed as Linux container or a Windows native container). Portainer…