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Palo Alto Study Notes: Firewall Configuration Essentials I (101) PAN-OS v.6.1


To view Firewall Configuration Essentials 101 Course, please login to the Palo Alto Networks Learning Center. [Updating] 1. Palo Alto Networks Platforms The PA-500, PA-200, and VM-Series firewalls do not support virtual systems. High Availability and Aggregated interfaces are also only supported on higher models of the product. The even-numbered platforms are older platforms. The PA-4000 is End-of-Sale. The PA-3000 and PA-5000…

Configure Palo Alto VM 6.0.0 in Vmware Workstation and ESXi


Palo Alto Networks has developed Virtualized Firewalls VM series to run in virtual environment. Here is the list for supported hypervisors from its website: The VM-Series supports the exact same next-generation firewall and advanced threat prevention features available in our physical form factor appliances, allowing you to safely enable applications flowing into, and across your private, public and hybrid cloud…

Palo Alto for NGFW facts from Checkpoint view


Compare Palo Alto with Checkpoint from Checkpoint website based on NSS Labs results: Palo Alto Check Point NSS Labs Results – Protects Against HTML Evasions* 33% 100% NSS Labs Results – Overall Protection** 93% 98% File Sharing Applications 170 531 Total Applications 1,511 4,733 Application Social Network Widgets 0 240,000+ URL Filtering 20 million on box 100 million cloud based Data…