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Posts published in “Cisco”

Configure Cisco Enterprise Access Point 1142N As Home AP

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Early of 2018, I got a chance to buy a Cisco Wireless Access Point with only $30, which is a great deal for AIR-LAP1142N-x-K9 – Dual-band Controller-based 802.11a/g/n. It is not 802.11ac ready AP, but as a replacement for my home wireless router, it is already enough. Since this device is enterprise product, the configuration is not that straightforward, even…

Cisco Web Security Appliance S190 – Web GUI

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Cisco® Web Security Appliance (WSA) offers malware protection, application visibility and control, acceptable use policy controls, insightful reporting and secure mobility to enterprise network.  The Cisco WSA is a forward proxy that can be deployed in either Explicit mode (proxy automatic configuration [PAC] files, Web Proxy Auto-Discovery [WPAD], browser settings) or Transparent mode (Web Cache Communication Protocol [WCCP], Policy-Based Routing [PBR], load…

Cisco IOS Command Tips and Tricks – Part 2

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Cisco IOS command list is getting longer , and it has been split into two posts: Cisco IOS Command Tips and Tricks – Part 1 Cisco IOS Command Tips and Tricks – Part 2 1. Auto secure Cisco also provides a One-step lockdown-like feature at the command line! This feature is called AutoSecure. It uses the command shown below: auto…

Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) Lab Test Drive

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Summary: ACI is an open-source, centralized policy model that connects to all components of the data center and controls the network and information flow. ACI is a principle of action by the business, synonymous with code and system. A policy is a state of intent that is applied to the network, with the network being responsible for carrying out that…

Cisco 3850 Mgmt VRF Configuration

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Ethernet Management Interface VRF New Cisco Routers and Switches come with a dedicated Ethernet port which unique purpose is to provide management access to the device via SSH or Telnet. This interface is isolated in its own VRF called “Mgmt-vrf’. Placing the management Ethernet interface in its own VRF has the following effects on the Management Ethernet interface: Many features must be…

Upgrade Cisco 4500 Switches IOS and ROMM and Failed to Enable VSS (Virtual Switching System)

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In one of my clients environment, there are two Cisco 4510 running and HSRP has been configured. It has been discussed to upgrade it to VSS (Virtual Switching System) during last a couple of months. The main driven to get VSS is to have dual homed hosts run Etherchannel to connect to those two 4510R+E switches. Obviously converting the core switches…

Cisco Catalyst 2960X and 2960S Stacking

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Working on stacking two Cisco 2060X switches recently, and two 2960X Stack module and 0.5m stacking cables received today. Product name is C2960X-STACK= and description is Catalyst 2960-X FlexStack Plus Stacking Module optional. Part Number is CMUCAEGBAA. For 3850 switches, it is in this post: Cisco Catalyst 3850 Data Stack and Power Stack