MailEnable is the software I installed on my lab environment DC server, which has been used to testing other system’s email function. It is free, integrated well with AD, Web Login/Web Admin supported, smtp/pop supported. No complaints to this software for its functionality.

Here I posts some configuration tips my own notes. In case I forgot some settings during re-installation.

Installation Steps

Standard Edition is free, and can be download on its website, without registration or any other information.

standard1030.exe is about 52MB.

Double click to start installation. Click next, next , and five minutes , it will be done.

Integrate AD

1 Launch MainEnable Admin program from Windows programs -> Mail Enable -> MailEnable

2 Enable Windows Integration

Right Click messaging Manager -> Properties -> Security -> Enable Integrated Authentication

3 Enable Authentication against Active Directory

Make sure check Authenticate against Active Directory and Automatically create mailbox if successful login and one doesn’t exist.

4 Enable Web Admin

Launch Web Sites

1 Web User Login – http://localhost/MeWebMail

2 Web Admin Log in

Username is postmaster
Password is the one you set during install MailEnable.

By Jon

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