1. Putty Auto Login into Session with Username and Password
Create a bat file and you can schedule it to run with following command:
C:\tools\putty.exe -load session_name -l your_user_name -pw your_password
Wherein session_name is the saved session name, your_user_name is your SSH login user name and your_password is the password. Change “C:\tools\putty.exe” to the path of your own putty.exe.
You can use this to make the SSH Socks5 VPN even more easier to use with a bat file to become schedule task

2. Putty to Connect to SSH Server for Socks5 VPN Tunneling

YouTube Video:

Some Explanation:

Run Putty saved session from command line with login:
“C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe” -load “your_saved_session” “username@your_server_address” -pw “your_password”

Configure Tunnel on Putty Session or Profile:

Client Machine Socks Proxy Configuration:

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