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How to Clean-up Space on Juniper SRX Devices


I have a pair of Juniper SRX 240 H running in company network environment. Recently it has to be upgraded to JunOS 11.4R5.5 which is latest recommended version. First thing I checked is the available space on those two devices. It seems node0 used 130m more space to storage files based on following command: show system storage node0:————————————————————————–Filesystem        …

List all the CheckPoint hotfixes


Checkpoint SK41258 provides a way to list all installed hotfix on your system: [[email protected]]# fw verThis is Check Point VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) R75.40 – Build 275[[email protected]]# grep -i HOTFIX $CPDIR/registry/HKLM_registry.* | more/opt/CPshrd-R75.40/registry/                                 : (HOTFIX_R71_30/opt/CPshrd-R75.40/registry/                    …

Enable SFTP to Checkpoint Gaia OS System


1. Enable SFTP on Checkpoint either SPLAT or Gaia By default, there is no SFTP access to Checkpoint OS either SPLAT or Gaia. But there is always a way to enable it manually.  Here is a listed steps to do it from Gaia command line 1.1. Enter into Expert Mode 1.2. Enable an account to have bash access chsh -s /bin/bash…

Backup Checkpoint Configuration in Gaia and Gaia+


There are different Gaia version released already by Checkpoint. From Clish , using “show version all” to check version build number: CP> show version all Product version Check Point Gaia R75.40OS build 338OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cpOS edition 32-bitSo far, there are following version we know: latest EA: 264GA: 3382nd GA: 339GAIA+: 65GAIA+: 123 Gaia+ version provides more feature and functions than…

Set telnet / SSH source IP address for Cisco router


ip ssh source-interface <interface to use>ip telnet source-interface <interface to use>R1#telnet 22 /source-interface l0Trying, 22 … OpenSSH-2.0-1.36 sshlib: GlobalScape Notes:for ping:ping <ip address> source <ip address / interface to use>for traceroute using extended traceroute: R1#tracerouteProtocol [ip]: Target IP address: address: display [n]:Timeout in seconds [3]:Probe count [3]:Minimum Time to Live [1]:Maximum Time to Live [30]:Port Number [33434]:Loose,…

Cisco ASDM-IDM not able to be installed because of Java Runtime Environment is not installed


Environment:ASA5510ASA version 8.0(4)ASDM version 6.2(5)53OS: windows 2008 R2 Situation:Use Google Chrome access ASA5510, download ASDM-IDM package. Filename is dm-launcher.exe.Double click got following error message. Error Message shows Java Runtime Environment is not installed on this machine.Actually when using browser to open page, Java info on this computer has shown up. It is running on SE 7 U9. Solution:After did lots…

How to gracefully shutdown network devices


1. Checkpoint Firewalla. Gaiacommand line : haltb. SPLATshutdown 2. Avocent Console Servera. ACS5000login as root user with default password avocentthen halt b. ACS6000 3. Juniper SRX firewallsrequest system pwer-off 4. Cisco Switches and RoutersIf there is power switch, just turn it off. Or unplug power cord.

NSM Server shows warning when Disk is getting full


Today, when click server status by accident, it shows warning on status. It gives me some worrying about NSM situation. server_1 status is warning on Disk Usage 91%. After checked the system, I found it might relate to Disk since there is another warning on disk column. Actually it is quite easy to eliminate this warning message on status. Go…

Palo Alto for NGFW facts from Checkpoint view


Compare Palo Alto with Checkpoint from Checkpoint website based on NSS Labs results: Palo Alto Check Point NSS Labs Results – Protects Against HTML Evasions* 33% 100% NSS Labs Results – Overall Protection** 93% 98% File Sharing Applications 170 531 Total Applications 1,511 4,733 Application Social Network Widgets 0 240,000+ URL Filtering 20 million on box 100 million cloud based Data…