By default, your Microsoft Developer E5 will only give you 5TB for your OneDrive accounts. Actually, Microsoft has provide a easy way to upgrade your storage limit to 25TB. It is just hided from normal setting page. 

In this post, I am going to show you a free and easy way to upgrade your OneDrive from 5T to 25T, without making any manual request to Microsoft or writing some PowerShell script. 

Check Your Current OneDrive / Share Point Configuration

1 Log in Microsoft 365 admin center ( using a global admin account

2 Click All admin centers from left panel

3 Click SharePoint to go to SharePoint admin center

4 Click settings from left panel of SharePoint admin center

5 Check SharePoint Site Storage Limits and OneDrive StorageLimit

6 For SharePoint, we can set specific limits for each site manually. 

7 For OneDrive, maximum default storage limit you can set is only 5120GB (5T).

Pre-requirement to Upgrade OneDrive to 25T

Based on Microsoft Doc , Check OneDrive site eligibility for increased storage, If you need more Microsoft OneDrive storage than the default 5 TB, the Microsoft 365 administrator in your organization can check if you are eligible for an increased storage limit. You must already have filled 90% of the 5 TB storage before requesting an increase.

Process to Upgrade OneDrive from 5T to 25T

1 From Microsoft 365 admin center ( , find out the Help&Support menu at the left bottom corner of this page. 

2 Enter “Increate OneDrive Storage”, wait Run diagnostics section shows up

3 Enter the user or email you would like to upgrade to 25T, then click Run Tests button

4 If your user’s OneDrive is not used over 90% of the current 5TB limit, you will not be able to upgrade to 25TB

5 Copy your OneDrive files to different folder to make it use more than 90% of 5TB storage. 

6 Check OneDrive’s Storage metrics to verify your site usage

7 If you already used up 5T, you might have an optional button to request more quota for your account as show from following screenshot

8 If the tests detect that the user’s OneDrive site can be upgraded to exceed the 5 TB quota, select Update Settings for the diagnostic to process the increase.
Screenshot of the Need Help window says your tenant is not configured to increase a user's OneDrive quota beyond 5 TB.

9 Sometimes, the Upgrade Settings button will not show up. You might need to open a service request to request upgrade. 

Run diagnostics
Your tenant is not configured to increase a user’s OneDrive quota beyond 5TB.
If you would like to increase the storage quota of this site beyond 5TB, you will need to create a new service request.

Did you know a portion of the saved support cost from these diagnostic runs are donated to global non-profits? See Diagnostics for Social Good.

Here is a ticket I opened to request increasing quota for my OneDrive account:

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