OnePoint is a lightweight, multi-platform, multi-net disk file directory index (and management) tool. Support cloud disk onedrive, googledrive, coding, teambition, node_fs, alidrive, etc.

My Github page:  Demo:

Original Github page:  Demo:

The nice part for this solution is the backend running on Cloudflare and you do not even need a server to host any configuration files or frontend web pages. 

Demo Page:

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Project Features

Lightweight, multi-platform, multi-network disk

Support cloud disks

  • onedrive

  • googledrive

  • coding

  • teambition

  • node_fs

  • alidrive

Deploy on Cloudflare Worker


1 Create a new worker from Cloudflare website

image.png2 Paste the code


There are a lot of codes, it may take some time to save, don’t worry!


3 Go back to the previous page and create a new KV bucket with any name.

image.png image.png

4 Bind the KV bucket and set the variable name to OPCONFIG


Deploy on your own server

github beta (2.0.0)

git clone
cd onepoint && npm install

npm start
# pm2 lib/starters/node-http.js

Backend Admin Page Operations

Here I am using OneDrive as an example to show how to add your cloud drive into your own OnePoint project:

1 Generate OneDrive Share link: 

2 Log into OnePoint Admin page:

3 Click More Configuration – +Add

4 Add new cloud drive page 1:

5 Add Cloud Disk Page 2:

For refresh_token, you can get it by clicking the link “Click here acquire refresh_token”

Here is the page to generate refresh token. It is coming from You will need to enter your OneDrive account’s credential to log in for this refresh token.

6  Save the configuration



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