According to what this site said ” it provide Free VPN Tunnel Account for people to unblock filters at office or school to browse the websites you want. With the free VPN tunnel you can easily unblock facebook and also youtube without any limits. Browsing through us both keeps you anonymous from the sites you visit and allows you to bypass any network restrictions from your government, workplace or college. “

Mostly what it does is to hide your public ip behind its public address “”

IP Information:
ISP: FranTech Solutions
Organization: FranTech Solutions
Services: Suspected Network Sharing Device
City: Victoria
Region: British Columbia
Country: Canada

If you are running windows system, the tutor how to build vpn is listed in this link. basiclly step in XP is :
1.  Start -> Control Panel
2. Network Connection -> New Connection Wizard
3. Connect to the network at my workplace ->Virtual Private Network Connection ->Company name (Any words) -> Host name or ip address ( or -> Finish and check ‘ add a shotcut to this connection to my desktop”
4. Double click this connection on Desktop. Type username ( and password (found it from homepage)
5. Enjoy your anonymous Internet browsing.

note: the password will change every 30 minutes on the homepage.

VPN Account:

IP Address:
password: 30123484
location: San jose, USA

IP Address:
password: 89221288
location: San jose, USA

(Jan 7 2012) Two new accounts just added on the homepage:

   VPN #1 (IP):
password: 31794136
location: San jose, USA
VPN #2 (IP):
password: 99228830
location: San jose, USA  

Please make sure your firewall  allow following packets pass first to allow VPN to be built:

  1. TCP/1723
  2. IP Protocol/47 GRE

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