There are always questions how to place your F5 GTM and LTM. Different situation has different solution design. Here are some simple examples when I used to explain the location of LTM/GTM.

1. LTM only (Without GTM)

The devices order should look like this: 

Internet —> Router —> Firewall —> F5 LTM  —> DMZ Servers


Firewall Sandwiches:
Internet —> Router —>F5 LTM  –> Firewall —> F5 LTM —> DMZ Servers

2. LTM With GTM

2.1 GTM in your data center

2.2 GTM outside of your data center

By Jon

2 thoughts on “F5 LTM / GTM Best Practice Deisgn With Routers and Firewalls”
  1. The gtm images don’t load up for some reason just letting you know. Shows it’s because of ad blocker but I’ve tried it in 3 different devices which do not have ad blocker and it still won’t load up.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I did check the image and it was invalid link since I was using external link for my image at that time. I will see if I can find those images from somewhere.

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