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GNS3 2.2.18 v2p (LOADED)

gdrive : download 61GB – Need All 7 Parts To Extract And Run. (No ISE Included)


GNS3 APPLIANCE (injected Google Drive Link)


Opne GNS3. Click on FIle> Import Appliance
Download Appliance. You can find list and download link bottom of this page.
Select File and Click on Download. It’ll redirect you to Google Drive.


After Download the file from Google Drive, click on Refresh.
You can find status “Ready to install”.
Now Select Appliance and Click on NEXT>FINISH.

!! DONE !!

APPLIANCE Download Link
VIRL L3/VIOS L3 Download
VIRL L2/VIOS L2 Download
IOU L2 Download
IOU L3 Download
Cisco NXOSV Download
Cisco NXOSV9k Download
Cisco IOSxrv Download
Cisco IOSxrv9k Download
Cisco CSR1000v Download
Cisco vManage v16 v17 Download
Cisco vSmart v16 v17 Download
Cisco vEdge v16 v17 Download
Juniper vmx v14.1 Download
Juniper vsrx v12 Download
Juniper Download
Alcatel-7750 Download
HP-vsr1001 Download
Licensed ASAv (ASDM +Anyconnect) Download
Cisco FirePower Download
Cisco ISE Download
PA-VM 8.1.0 (PA-VM) Download
Fortigate Download
Checkpoint Download
F5-BIGIP 11.6 Download
Mini Windows(XP) Download
Windows 10 Download
Windows Server 2016 Download
VMWARE ESXi Download
uBuntu 19.04 Download
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Appliance Name Device Type Credential Lite (2.26Gb) ProLite (21.8Gb) Ultimate (42.9Gb)
Useful for     CCNA Enterprises, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless Lite Features + CCNP Enterpsies, PCNSA/E, Fortigate, pfsense, Checkpoint Prolite features +
VMWARE VCP, Hacking, Microsoft etc.
Cisco IOSvL2 15.2(4.0.55)E L2-L3 Switch (VIRL)
Cisco IOSvL2 15.2.1 L2-L3 Switch (VIRL)
Cisco IOU L2 15.1g L2-L3 Switch (IOU)
Cisco IOU L2 15.2d L2-L3 Switch (IOU)
Cisco NX-OSv 7.3.0 NX-OS (VIRL) admin/admin  
Cisco NX-OSv 9000 7.0.3.I7.7 NX9k admin/admin( ask for new password on first boot directly)  
Cisco NX-OSv 9000 9.3.1 NX9k admin/admin( ask for new password on first boot directly)  
Juniper Juniper  
c7200 IOS
Cisco CSR1000v 16.7.1 CSR1000 Virtual  
Cisco IOS XRv 6.0.1 XRv (VIRL) You can set admin username and password on first boot  
Cisco IOS XRv 9000 7.0.1 XRv 9000 (VIRL) admin/admin, cisco/cisco and lab/lab  
Cisco IOSv 15.6(2)T Router (VIRL)
Cisco IOSv 15.7(3)M3 Router (VIRL)
Cisco IOU L3 15.4.1T Router (IOU)
Cisco IOU L3 155-2T Router (IOU)
vContainer 19.2.097 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
VEdge 19.2.0 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
VEdge 16.2.13 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
vSmart 19.2.0 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
vSmart 16.2.13 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
vManage 19.2.0 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
vManage 16.2.13 VIPTELA SD-WAN admin/admin  
Checkpoint GAIA 80.10 Checkpoint FW    
Cisco ASA 9 Licensed/Activated + ASDM Cisco ASAv admin
Cisco, ASAV 9.12.2-9 Cisco ASAv admin  
Cisco FTDv 6.2.0 (363) Cisco FirePower admin/Admin123  
Cisco ISE Cisco ISE username : setup  
FortiGate 6.2.0 FortiGate FW admin/ no password set  
PA-VM 8.1.0 Palo Alto FW admin/admin (will take 4-5 min to initiate, try it after 4-5 min)  
PfSense 2.4.4-p3 Pfsense FW admin/pfsense  
Operating Systems        
Cisco vWLC Cisco vWLC admin/admin
ESXi 6.7 VMware ESXi 6.7 root/VMware1!    
Firefox 31.1.1~2 Firefox (Tiny Linux)  
Kali Linux 2019.3 Kali Linux root/toor
Kali Linux CLI Kali Linux CLI root/toor
TACAGUI 201710201114 TACACS      
Tiny Core Linux 6.4~2 Mini Linux  
Networkers Toolbox Toolbox      
Ubuntu Desktop Guest 19.04 uBuntu OS      
Ubuntu Docker Guest uBuntu Docker      
Windows 10 w/ Edge Windows 10 admin/admin    
Windows Server 2016 Server 2016 admin/admin    
OVA(3 Parts)
OVA(6 Parts)

If you get Download Quota error for downloading than Add file to your gdrive and use RaiDrive or Filezilla Pro.


How to Connect GNS3vm Lite/Prolite/Ultimate with GNS3 using VMware

There are so many ways to connect GNS3 with VMware (GNS3vm) but here I’m going to explain to you the easiest way. Please follow this step by step.

Step 1 : Please Download GNS3 Lite/Prolite/Ultimate zip file.

Step 2 : Extract zip file using winrar, winzip or 7z (my choice).

Step 3 : You can find 2 files after Extract zip file.
1. GNS3-2.2.5-all-in-one-regular.exe
2. GNS3 VM.ova

Install GNS3-2.2.5-all-in-one-regular.exe


Step 4 : Open vmware workstation or vmware fusion

Step 5 : Go to File > Open or press Ctrl + O and select GNS3 VM.ova which you extracted in step 3.

Step 6 : Edit GNS3vm resources according to your need. And Save your settings.

Step 7 : Turn on/Power On your GNS3vm machine.

Step 9 : Open GNS3 Software and Go to Edit > Preferences > Servers > Main Server

You can now Find the Main Server in Servers Summary.

So guys if you have any problems, please comment here. We’ll try to clear your issue regarding GNS3.