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Blogs, Forums, and Communities to Join

Wilders Security Forums

This well-known security forum is a great resource for your cybersecurity questions.Easily navigate from the homepage to sub-forums and over 2.5 million posts.

Security Focus

Don’t be fooled by the old-school graphics; this forum boasts foremost security expert members.You can subscribe to specific topics that interest you, like vulnerabilities—which allows you to search software by vendor, title, or version.

Daniel Miessler

Blogger Daniel Miessler is an experienced cybersecurity expert, consultant, and writer who curates content for around 25,000 subscribers.His up-to-date material includes newsletters, essays, and podcasts.


Why not learn about cybersecurity industry news during your morning commute? Liquidmatrix features not only blog posts by industry professionals such as Dave Lewis of Akamai, but also podcasts.

Paul’s Security Weekly

Paul’s Security Weekly offers much more than standard blog articles.Industry veteran Paul Asadoorian also produces webcasts and IT security shows that can be listened to or viewed on other platforms, including YouTube and Google Play.

We Live Security

This award-winning blog is published by IT security company ESET and serves as a forum for news and insights from security experts and researchers.

Cybersecurity Insiders

This online platform offers far more than just news and blog posts.They also publish reports, webinars, and offer courses for training.

IEEE Cybersecurity Community

IEEE’s cybersecurity-specific community is a great place to read resources, interact with other professionals, and find out about events.

ISACA Engage

ISACA is a top resource for networking, training, and certification.Join their Engage platform to join in forums with thousands of discussions, learn about events, or get involved with volunteering.

IET Cyber Security Community

The Institute of Engineering and Technology offers a great platform for those who wish to get involved in the industry and their peers.Besides discussion forums and blogs, there is also the IET Academy with resources like expert-led training videos.


Cybercrime Magazine

This magazine by Cybersecurity Ventures is a trusted source for leading research and reports on the cybersecurity market.

SC Magazine

Serving the IT security industry for over 20 years, this publication offers frequent content to help security professionals face today’s challenges.

Cyber Defense Magazine

With over 55,000 Twitter followers, Cyber Defense Magazine is one of the IT security industry’s top resources.The publication aims to share industry breakthroughs, real stories, and recognize top products and services.

LinkedIn Groups

CISO: Meaningful Metrics

Besides a place to share tips and stay up to date, this forum is also a working group. They aim to build tactical comparative metrics for the information security industries, leading to better business decision criteria.

Business of Cybersecurity

If you work in cybersecurity for an organization, your job does not simply require performing technical skills.This forum is for enhancing the ability of cybersecurity leaders to communicate and define the value and practices of security risk management.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Including almost 2,800 senior security professionals, this private forum is intended for executives to discuss detecting, deterring, and preventing attacks on organizations.

All Things Data Breach

This group fosters a dialogue from professionals of all aspects of a data breach.They explore insights from legal and cyber insurance, risk managers, researchers, and more.


This group is for experts involved in cyber incident handling to integrate legal and policy arguments.

Cyber Intelligence Network

This network of over 30,000 professionals encourages information sharing to aid a common goal of data protection. They discuss topics from identity theft to malware, utilizing shared ideas and insights.

Cyber Security

For professionals who believe that cybercrime is likely to be the greatest risk to their business, there are over 17,500 like-minded individuals willing to discuss and contribute to an active community based on cyber security.

Cyber Security Community

For anyone interested in security topics, this group encourages interaction through discussion, article sharing, events, and competitions. Topics of discussion include new and emerging threats or technologies, best practices, and changes in legislation.

Cyber Security for Small Business

Focusing on security issues for small to mid-size businesses, this group is intended to connect people with opportunities and ideas.

CYBER SECURITY Forum Initiative – CSFI

The mission of this group of over 100,000 members is "to provide Cyber Warfare awareness, guidance, and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the US Government, US Military, Commercial Interests, and International Partners."

Cyber Security Intelligence Network

This group was formed with the intention to stay aware of the ever-changing emerging attacks and current threats.

Cyber Security Situational Awareness

With the increasingly vast and complex landscape of cyber threats and protective technologies, systems to monitor and manage a security infrastructure are becoming an operational necessity. This group intends to foster dialogue about these Cyber Security Situational Awareness systems and their benefits and usage.

CyberSecurity Community

This is a general group for discussing cyber protection in all aspects of life, including commercial and government sectors.It is intended for professionals to share experience and insight.

Cybersecurity Forum for Business and Government

This group is sponsored by MCGlobalTech and invites members to participate in an on-going discussion on topics like the latest data breaches and benefits of different security approaches.

CyberSecurity Law, Policy, and Technology

Over 10,500 members are a part of this multidisciplinary group, which aims to be a collaborative forum for stakeholders to promote cybersecurity awareness and exchange information.

Computer Security Institute

Through resources like educational events, awareness tools, and security surveys, Computer Security Institute aims to serve the needs of its almost 22,000 information security professional members.

HAKIN9 Magazine

This community’s mission is to promote awareness of security problems and IT innovations. HAKIN9 provides technical articles and presents the latest innovations, focusing on methods of breaking into a computer system and the defense strategies.

ICTTF – International Cyber Threat Task Force

This multidisciplinary group is welcome to all cybersecurity peers interested in networking and working together.It is intended to be an international community to exchange ideas on all aspects of cyber threats.

Information Security Community

This is the largest information security community on LinkedIn, boasting over 400,000 members. For anyone involved in information security solutions, this group intends to be a network that ranges all topics and connects people with ideas and opportunities.

Information Systems Security Enthusiast & Professionals

Accepting professionals from a range of information security specialties like cryptoanalysis and legal/compliance, this group is a diverse community of cybersecurity stakeholders.

Infosec Products and Tools

The purpose of this group is to announce new products as they debut/update and to evaluate and discuss existing tools through reviews and discussion.

Insider Threat Management

This group aims to assemble a network of professionals and experts to "crowdsource" the issue of insider threat with shared best practices, trends, and experiences.

ISF – Information Security Forum

Over 14,000 users are a part of this effort to use tools, research, and guidance to help organizations overcome cybersecurity challenges.


Join over 30,000 members gathering knowledge about penetration testing to evaluate information security.

Security Leaders Group

This group is intended as an opportunity for security professionals in leadership positions to network with others that have shared problems or interests.

The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)

This working group is dedicated to ensuring conformity and consistency in penetration testing. They hope to improve the quality of pentesting through addressing issues like the lack of standardization.

CISO Security Information Group (CSIG) – Information Security for Managers.

The goal of this group, with almost 20,000 members, is to create a global network of information security professionals. Anyone in the group can both give and receive help through sharing expertise or insights.



This is an email list to keep subscribers informed on all things data breach: news, cyber insurance, metrics, etc. They typically send out 4 - 6 updates per day and subscribers can also submit their own messages to list members.

How to Think Like a Hacker

For more tips and best practices in cybersecurity, download GoAnywhere’s Think Like a Hacker and Secure Your Data white paper to learn about how to go on the offense with your information.

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