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Posts published in “Software”

Bypass China GFW


It becomes harder and harder to surf Western Internet Websites from China such as Youtube, facebook, Google. Here are some ways I found to bypass it. 1. Hole at GFW- A website punches a hole at GFW. Add the website you want to surf after For examples: – – – 2. xskywalker – 天行浏览器 – 3. Freegate – or 链接: 密码:tll6更新的链接:链接: 密码:gvf3  Tools: Website to real-time…

Tripwire Enterprise 8.3 Basic Configuration Steps


Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration management suite whose Policy Management, Integrity Management, and Remediation Management capabilities stand-alone or work together in a comprehensive, tightly integrated SCM solution. Five Key Features: Change-triggered Configuration Assessment World’s Best File Integrity Monitoring Achieve Continuous Compliance Integrate SCM into IT Security Operations Visualize and Report SCM Results to Communicate & Mitigate Risks Our version is 8.3. Here are some basic steps to configure a new network device node in…

Free SNMP Software Suit in Windows Environment – Net-SNMP (Snmpv3 Support)


I was looking for this kind of software for a while. Mostly desktop and servers I am using are windows based. There is no Snmpwalk this kind of command under windows OS. Good things, there are always some genius to see the gap and develop some gorgeous tools to meet the needs from the people like me. Net-SNMP is one of this kind of software. Based on their website –“ Net-SNMP is a suite…

Excel Formula : Convert a text to Number


Got a Excel file from other resource witch Column A is set as text. At the tail and start of number there are some spaces filled in, for example cell A1 is ‘  4 ‘. My challenge is to convert whole column to numbers which can be used to do sum or other math calculation. With some research, I constructed this formula for a new column :=VALUE(TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(160),” “)))) it perfectly resolved this challenge as you can…

What’s the Best Antivirus for home users at Win7, Win8 and Winxp OS


From : Test Report for home user from For free product, bothAVG Free Edition 2013 and Avast:Free Antivirus 8 are good.For Commercial Products: Kaspersky won. Win7  Win8  WinXP