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Free Software Across the Great Firewall (免费翻墙软件)


All information are collected from Internet.  From: 从2015年1月1日开始的,Chinese GFW升级,很多免费翻墙软件相继失效. Here are some may still working: 1. 自*由*门 翻墙软件中的“常青树”。最新版本7.52依然好用,就是速度稍微慢了一点。 How to Use Link: 翻墙七种武器之多情环:自由门与无界 2. 无*界*浏*览*14.04  无界,几乎算作自由门的姐妹款,是由美国无界万国公司创建在GIFT技术平台上的免费软件,也是由海外法轮功学院所开发,和动态网同属于美国自由网络联盟,曾经被哈弗大学在2007年的研究调查中被评为“效果最好的翻墙工具”. Usage is same as 自由门. 3. 赛风(Psiphon) “Psiphon”,官方中文译名为赛风,民间早期译作白凤或彩虹,是一款可以突破网络审查的自由软件,其遵循GPL协议,于2006年12月1日发布。它是由开放网络基金资助、多伦多大学的公民实验室(Citizen Lab)开发。Psiphon 分为数个版本,Psiphon 2 是网页版代理,Psiphon 3 是利用VPN和HTTP代理技术的软件,支持‬Android及Microsoft Windows系统。Psiphon3提供SSH+,VPN,SSH三个通道可供翻墙。速度比较快,就是不太稳定,偶尔断线,不过断线后软件会自动寻找新的可用服务器。 How to use link: 翻墙七种武器之新多情环:Psiphon赛风 4. 蓝灯(Lantern) 基于P2P的新型翻墙软件,美国国务院资助项目。可以添加信任的好友到自己的网络,使翻墙速度更快、更不容易被封锁! Websites:欢迎!forum/lantern-devel 最新版下载: * 本文原文链接:蓝灯 Lantern – v1.5.8(2014-11-5) – 美博园 * Latest Lantern Release v.1.5.8 (2014-11-5) (Windows XP SP3…

Bypass China GFW


It becomes harder and harder to surf Western Internet Websites from China such as Youtube, facebook, Google. Here are some ways I found to bypass it. 1. Hole at GFW- A website punches a hole at GFW. Add the website you want to surf after For examples: – – – 2. xskywalker…

Tripwire Enterprise 8.3 Basic Configuration Steps


Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration management suite whose Policy Management, Integrity Management, and Remediation Management capabilities stand-alone or work together in a comprehensive, tightly integrated SCM solution. Five Key Features: Change-triggered Configuration Assessment World’s Best File Integrity Monitoring Achieve Continuous Compliance Integrate SCM into IT Security Operations Visualize and Report SCM Results to Communicate & Mitigate Risks Our version…

Free SNMP Software Suit in Windows Environment – Net-SNMP (Snmpv3 Support)


I was looking for this kind of software for a while. Mostly desktop and servers I am using are windows based. There is no Snmpwalk this kind of command under windows OS. Good things, there are always some genius to see the gap and develop some gorgeous tools to meet the needs from the people like me. Net-SNMP is one…

Best Free Network Performance Test tool – Iperf


According to wikipedia Iperf “is a commonly used network testing tool that can create TCP and UDP data streams and measure the throughput of a network that is carrying them. Iperf is a modern tool for network performance measurement written in C++.” So far it is best free software to test network throughput I found.  1. Download iperf 2 from…

What’s the Best Antivirus for home users at Win7, Win8 and Winxp OS


From : Test Report for home user from For free product, bothAVG Free Edition 2013 and Avast:Free Antivirus 8 are good.For Commercial Products: Kaspersky won. Win7  Win8  WinXP