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Posts published in “Office”

Common Used Excel Formulas

john 0

一、数字处理 1、取绝对值 =ABS(数字) 2、取整 =INT(数字) 3、四舍五入 =ROUND(数字,小数位数) 二、判断公式 1、把公式产生的错误值显示为空 公式:C2 =IFERROR(A2/B2,””) 说明:如果是错误值则显示为空,否则正常显示。

Excel Formula: Search a Column of Strings to Match Another Column

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Once a while, I have to work on Excel sheet manually. Today I have to search exported hundreds of ip addresses in a pre-defined excel spreadsheet to see if there is a match. It seems a easy work, but it took me almost an hour to find right formula. Column O includes all exported ip addresses. I have to manually…

Excel Formula : Convert a text to Number

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Got a Excel file from other resource witch Column A is set as text. At the tail and start of number there are some spaces filled in, for example cell A1 is ‘  4 ‘. My challenge is to convert whole column to numbers which can be used to do sum or other math calculation. With some research, I constructed this…