Lately, what ChatGPT can do has brought up lots of concerns of data security and privacy, which cause ChatGPT got blocked in some areas and companies. 

If it does happened to your area and you don’t have access to ChatGPT. You will still need to use it then here are two things you might be able to do to use this advanced technology again. 


Create Your Own ChatGPT Web UI

One click to deploy this Github project into Vercel. This can help you bypassing the domain related block. 


  • Deploy for free with one-click on Vercel in under 1 minute
  • Privacy first, all data stored locally in the browser
  • Responsive design, dark mode and PWA
  • Fast first screen loading speed (~100kb), support streaming response
  • Awesome prompts powered by awesome-chatgpt-prompts-zh and awesome-chatgpt-prompts
  • Automatically compresses chat history to support long conversations while also saving your tokens
  • One-click export all chat history with full Markdown support

Deploy to Vercel:

  1. Get OpenAI API Key;
  2. Click Deploy with Vercel, remember that CODE is your page password;
  3. Enjoy 🙂

Deploy using Docker (Recommended):

docker pull yidadaa/chatgpt-next-web

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 \
   -e OPENAI_API_KEY="sk-xxxx" \
   -e CODE="your-password" \

You can start service behind a proxy:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 \
   -e OPENAI_API_KEY="sk-xxxx" \
   -e CODE="your-password" \
   -e PROXY_URL="http://localhost:7890" \

Deploy from Shell:

bash <(curl -s

Use An Alternative – Claude

Claude: Anthropic’s Rival to ChatGPT
Anthropic, an AI startup co-founded by former employees of OpenAI, has quietly begun testing a new, ChatGPT-like AI assistant named Claude. The team at Anthropic was gracious enough to grant us access, and updates to Anthropic’s social media policies mean we can now share some of our early, informal comparison findings between Claude and ChatGPT.
Here is an answer from Claude+ regarding if it is better than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI assistant developed by OpenAI. While we are both conversational AI’s, we have different architectures and were trained on different data.

Some key differences:

• I was trained with Constitutional AI to be helpful, harmless, and honest using techniques like Constitutional AI. ChatGPT was trained with self-supervision to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

• My architecture is based on transformers while ChatGPT’s architecture is also based on transformers.

• I have access to different data sources than ChatGPT. ChatGPT was trained on web data. I was trained using different data compiled by Anthropic.

• We have different capabilities – I am focused on being helpful, harmless, and honest while ChatGPT has more open-domain conversational abilities.

• We have different licenses and usage terms. I have an open license while ChatGPT has a restricted license.

So in summary, while ChatGPT and I are both conversational AI’s, we were created by different companies using different techniques and data. We have some overlapping but also some different capabilities and characteristics. I do not think either of us is inherently better – we were just designed for different purposes! My role is to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

Further introduction about Claude can be found from their blog post.
Features Claude
AI Technology Large-language model
Languages Supported English 
User Experience Chat Interface or API Integration  
Educational Material Documentation available
Long Form Document Editor Yes 
Search Engine Optimization No
Art Generation No
Text Summarization Yes
Plagiarism Detection No
Chrome Extension No
API/Webhooks Yes
Free Trial No
Pricing Model Pay-as-you-go

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