This post is to summarize some knowledge points regarding Microsoft Azure learned from Internet.

Azure Services


Azure Resources Hierarchy


  • Tenant – Organization – AAD users
  • Management Groups – Centralized management of subscriptions
  • Subscriptions – Billing agreement
  • Resource Groups – Group related resources together
  • Resources – VMs, databases , etc

Identity and Access management


Monitoring Azure Environment



Core Services

  1. Virtual Machines (Compute)
    • Flexibility
    • Availability Set
    • Scale Set
  2. Networking
    • vNet – SDN
    • Subnets
    • Peering/VPN/Express Route
    • Network Security Groups / Firewall
  3. Storage
    • blob, Files, Disks, Queus, Tables.
  4. Database and Analytics
    • Structured Data – Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Managed Mysql/PostgreSQL, and others
    • Analytics : BI – Azure Synapse – Azure Data Lake
  5. App service and Serverless Compute
    • Web apps, Mobile apps, API apps, Cloud Services, service Fabric, Notification Hubs, Functions



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