Discovery Navigation is a Internet bookmark collection, administration and navigation project in Github. It supports to deploy to free Github page or free Vercel site. It also provides some unique features which other similar projects does not have. This post is going to show you the deployment process step by step using Github Page as an example. Other methods can be found from Github repository description.

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Discovery Navigation: 

  • A purely static, powerful navigation website that supports SEO and online editing,
  • Built-in collection of up to 800+ high-quality websites to help you work, study and live
  • support multiple themes: Demo sites:
  • Features:
    • 🍰 Built-in 800+utility sites.
    • 🍰 Support SEO.
    • 🍰 It is completely static and provides automatic deployment functions.
    • 🍰 The trigeminal tree has a clear structure and clear classification.
    • 🍰 Support one website to associate multiple URLs
    • 🍰 The coexistence of beauty and simplicity is no longer the era of killing Matt.
    • 🍰 Completely open source, easy to customize.
    • 🍰 Support multiple browsing modes and innovation.
    • 🍰 Support footprint memory.
    • 🍰 Support mobile browsing.
    • 🍰 Support search query.
    • 🍰 Support custom engine search.
    • 🍰 A variety of theme switching.
    • 🍰 Support dark mode.
    • 🍰 Support background management, no need to deploy.
    • 🍰 Support import from Chrome bookmarks
The newer version already support English and Chinese language and also has a new backend system portal. 

Fork the current project

Original Github Repository:
My Github Repository:, which has a translation to Enligh based on an old version which was not have english at that time. It is still working fine but missing the new backend system management portal. 

Note: When you fork, please make sure you unchecked that opton to only fork main branch. You will need all branches to be forked. 

Apply token

Go to apply for a token, check the corresponding permissions, if you don’t understand, select all, copy and save the token.
Tips: When create token from GitHub Account – Settings – Developer Settings- Personal Access Tokens, you might want to use Tokens (Classic) which will give you an option to select “No Expiration” for your token

Add application token new add application token, name fill in TOKENuppercase.

Enable Actions

Modify Configuration File

Be sure to modify the project configuration file nav.config.ts, especially the gitRepoUrl. You will have to change the default value to your own github repository url. 

Other settings can be left as default. In the latest release from, most of options can be changed from backend system portal. 

Old version nav.config.ts configuration (2021):

import { IConfig } from './src/types'

const c: IConfig = {
  // [Mondatory], Please replace following Github url with your own Github address which you forked in. 
  gitRepoUrl: '',

  // Deployment branch name
  branch: 'main',

  // If routing is hash mode. if it deployed into github pages or using Vercel, it has to be set to true
  hashMode: true,

  // is it displaying the Github icon on top right corner of the web page
  showGithub: true,

  // what is your website address. It is good for your SEO
  homeUrl: '',

  // Web Site Tiltle
  title: 'Discovery Navigation - Featured and useful navigation websites',

  // Web Site description
  description: 'Discovery Navigation - Featured and useful navigation websites - English',

  // Web Site Keyword
  keywords: 'Navigation, front-end resources, community sites, designers, practical tools, learning resources, operations, network security, node.js',

  // Default Theme: Light | Sim | Side | App | Shortcut
  theme: 'Light',

  // The content at the bottom of the website, copyright information, record number, can be HTML
  footerContent: `
    <div style="font-weight: bold;">Total collected \${total} websites </div>
    <div>Copyright © 2018-2021, Translated by All Rights Reserved</div>

  // Alibaba icon
  // IT will be used to show side theme's topic one level and second level menu icons Side 主题一级、二级菜单图标展示
  iconfontUrl: '//',

  // Baidu statistics
  //baiduStatisticsUrl: '',

  // CNZZ statisitics
  cnzzStatisticsUrl: '',

  // Sim Theme Configuration
  simThemeConfig: {
    // Post Image
    posterImageUrls: [
    description: 'Here collected total <b>${total}</b> websites, helping your work, life and studying'

export default c
New version: (2022)
import { IConfig } from './src/types'

const c: IConfig = {
  // [Mondatory], Please replace following Github url with your own Github address which you forked in.
  // [必填], 请填写您的仓库地址
  gitRepoUrl: '',

  // Deployment branch name
  // 部署分支
  branch: 'main',

  // Whether the route is in Hash mode, if it is deployed on github pages, it must be set to true
  // 路由是否Hash模式, 如果是部署在github pages 务必设为 true
  hashMode: true,

export default c

Test Website and BackEnd (admin/system)

After 5 minutes to wait actions to complete two workflows, open and you will see a very powerful navigation website.

Old Backend: admin
Old version will have + icon to directly get into backend admin portal. For new version, it gets rid of this +icon, you will have to modify the URL address to system, such as: Change to Old admin portal is still working on this url: 
New BackEnd: System
Everytime, there is a change saved, it will take Github actions 5 minutes to complete all tasks. Please be patient before you save another change. 
If Github system is busy in completing previous tasks. you might got following error message:
Error: Request failed with status code 409.

CNAME Settings on Cloudflare

Backup / Upgrade

From  or page, back up following items:
1. all files under data folder
2. root folder, nav.config.ts file
3. src/index.html file
4. logo file from website or backend if you have changed it.  (right click to save)

Option: Reverse Proxy Settings on Nginx

If you are using other methods , such as Vercel or Netlify to deploy or other static website hosting , to deploy, you might need to set up your Nginx to do reverse proxy. 

# nginx

server {
    listen       80;

    location / {


2021 Video
2022 Video (Updated based on new updates)



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