RoboCop RoboCopy is a GUI skin and script generator for Robocopy.exe (Win NT Resource Kit). RoboCop RoboCopy is unlike any other robocopy script generator available since it has the ability to monitor the progress of the robocopy job. It shows real time monitoring of all its running robocopy jobs.

Robocopy is a robust file copying program built into Windows similar to UNIX rsync. It is a much better method of copying large datasets or lots of files across volumes and is a great tool for backing up data. It has the ability to resume copies if interrupted, various options and logging during copying. Using a scheduled task can automate this, so backups are done every night, without interaction from you.

Robocopy has some advantages over the standard copy-paste, it depends what you want it for. Advantages:

  • multiple threads, thus copies faster and more effectively uses your bandwidth. It starts copy immediately without scanning entire whole source folder 

  • you can set it to verify the copy job, make sure no errors during process

  • Exclude certain files or folders 

  • Mirror 1 folder to another with copy/pasete/delete files in the destination.

  • It can resume if interrupted

  • Speificy file and folder attibutes and permissions

  • logging, hash checks, etc…

  • all variables customizable

  • there is also a GUI version for Windows

Full Microsoft robocopy documentation is here:

Robocop Robocopy is a GUI version of Robocopy.

Robcop Robocopy Features

  • Real time progress monitoring of source and destination targets.
  • Real time ETA and TX speed for the current running robocopy job.
  • The ability to monitor and run multiple scripts simultaneously.
  • Unique dock feature to dock and lock running scripts into the RoboCop RoboCopy skin frame.
  • Advanced view options that display and list the current copied files with options to jump to the location or open the file.
  • Simple selection options to help tailor build the right robocopy script.
  • Windows Explorer integration with easy to use right click options for source and destination targets.
  • Regular updates and support.
  • All advanced options available.
  • Certified 100% virus and malware free by –

Steps to create script and run it

1. Download from :

2. Double click downloaded RoboCopRoboCopy.exe.  It will require .NET Framework 3.5 to run. If system does not have it, it will launch a download/install window to get it downloaded and installed.  
3. If .NET installed, the Web GUI shows up, choose source folder and destination folder
4. Click Setting Icon to customize the copy options:

Copy with attributes:
Robocopy "J:\1991" "N:\Test3" /COPY:DAT /MIR /R:10 /W:5 /V /ETA

Copying progress screenshot:

Copy with files/folders attributes and also NTFS security permissions. 

Robocopy "J:\1991" "N:\Test3" /COPY:DAT /SEC /MIR /R:10 /W:5 /V /ETA


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