This post shows an interesting way to use Okteto’s container with the help from Ngrok and Github. By default, when you create a namespace and deploy a project to it, you will get a container running on four core CPU with 32GB memory machine. You wont be able to have console and root access to it, and it is even not opened to Internet. With the help of Ngrok and Github, all those become possible.

Note: This usage is violating Oketeo TOS and your Okteto account might be got suspended. 

Using Existing Github Project to Get Root Access to Okteto Instance

1 Got to github project majalaya/xssh:

2 Fork it into your own Repository

3 Go to Log in or sign up if you do not have an account

Click Your Authtoken link and copy your ngrok token.

4 Change your token value in file from your xssh repository

5 Log into with your Github account

6 Launch Dev Environment

7 Choose from Github, then select your xssh repository

8 Select main branch then launch

9 Your xssh project will be deployed in a minute.

10 You will be able to see a new agent shows in Ngrok’s Tunnels menu page.

Create Your Own Image


docker run -d -it ubuntu bash

docker ps

docker exec -it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  bash

apt install nano -y

apt install wget -y

apt install unzip -y

apt install ssh -y

nano /etc/ssh/sshd.config

PermitRootLogin Yes

PasswordAuthentication yes

service ssh restart

passwd root




rm ngrok*.zip

mv ./ngrok /usr/bin/ngrok

ngrok authtoken 2C8vUaTWbwplW7bMlWggllXwY7V_2vJaHYXyYZUbiuxRrXuzc


nohup ngrok tcp 22

apt install htop



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