Every modern technology organization aims at increasing the efficiency of its development process. Time is the most valuable resource, which in many ways influences the success of the company. If you don’t want to waste valuable time on tasks that require good organization, we have a solution. Agile application development and other useful services can help you build a more flexible company structure! The popular IT service Sibedge specializes in software development for business automation and digital transformation.

Many companies become bankrupt and fade on the digital market due to lack of development. The more optimized the development of your business, the more likely it is to survive. Let’s imagine that you have a unique and demanded product and you are sure that it will be a tremendous success. But what could possibly go wrong?

Each member of your team has a certain energy resource, which is not always enough for fast and long-term work. You can work for several years, reach an average income, but at the same time get buried by complexity and technical debt in the end. The speed of software development is an extremely difficult thing. It is influenced by many things, often in surprising ways. In this article, we will take a look at how to optimize the process of company development.

Method 1: Use Agile Software Development Services
Agile software development is a generic term for a set of structures and practices based on the values and principles set out in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its underlying principles.

An Agile-based culture of collaboration also increases the efficiency of the entire organization. The team focused on understanding their specific roles in the development process. When your team or organization begins to embrace development agility, they focus on practices that help you collaborate and organize your work.

The main goal of any agile development service is to speed up software development and reduce costs. Moreover, enable clients to achieve a transparent result within the planned time frame. Even late changes in business priorities are predicted in advance, and a quick response to change is ensured.

What Is Agile?

Agile is a practical approach to project management and software development that helps teams provide value to their clients faster and with fewer problems. The agile team performs the work in small but clear and sequential steps instead of betting on “skyrocketing” after a single release or event.

Agile Management Methodology

It is more than test-driven development, planning sessions, pair programming, and other practices. Agile development advantages include four main principles of quicker and effective project management. That is why all agile management systems are based on the same principles and attitudes:

  • Human interaction takes precedence over technical processes.
  • Focus on software rather than documentation.
  • The conclusion of a contract and the negotiation of terms are not as important as the understanding of a client’s needs and the emphasis on cooperation.
  • Keeping to the original plan is not as important as being able to make adjustments.

Agile Application Development Service
With agile application development, your scope will be transparent and the team enhanced with business analyst expertise. Here is the list of steps of how service improves your development process:

  1. You can set difficult problems because a dedicated team will find a problem solution regardless of its complexity.
  2. Your target budget allocates according to priority functions. Lower priority functions will be considered for later release.
  3. Active development is provided by modern and timely course methods. Incremental momentum and progress will remain a priority.

Managed Agile Team Service

Managed agile teams emphasize individuality, cooperation, and the self-organization of teams. You can create projects around motivated people and provide them with the environment and the support they need:

  1. The service provides management of the client’s budget and the creation of up-to-date deadlines.
  2. Specialists will develop code along with your team.
  3. Service takes responsibility for the development of new functions and management of technical debt.

Method 2: Automate Processes

To increase the flexibility of your business or project, you need to master advanced ways of communication. There are modern ways to ensure that your team has access to relevant information.

  • Many companies use dashboards to provide real-time communications. They allow teams to cooperate and receive up-to-date information. Monday or Slack, for example, are well suited to such environments.
  • Regular meetings and discussions on the latest developments can significantly increase your team’s productivity. This is a great way to keep all members of your team involved.
  • Written communication is just as important as verbal communication in business. Writing things down can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that your message is clear. Sometimes, that can be a difficult task for many during verbal communication.

Method 3: Shift Focus
The ability to shift your focus is an important skill that demonstrates the level of adaptability and flexibility in your organization. Company priorities can change frequently, and it’s not unusual in today’s fast-growing business space. If you focus on individual and team-based operational goals and use creative and critical thinking processes to solve problems, then the environment is developing correctly.

Flexibility, like any skill, can be developed incorrectly, so design and apply a detailed plan that always helps to choose the right path. You need to define your approach correctly and draw up a quantitative plan to increase the level of tolerance for change in your company.

The Concluding Thoughts
Flexibility is not only about quick response to issues and changing events. It also includes responding to the different needs of your team members. When an urgent problem arises, a quick and clear solution without delay can significantly affect your development process in a good way.

Now that unpredictability has become something common, a shift to a flexible development approach can benefit or even save your business. Gradual adaptation of flexible methods can help your business to improve adaptability and reduce dependence on slower traditional ways of doing business. We hope this article helped you to find a way to make your company more flexible!


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