What is Connection Manager:

  • Launch ad-hoc connections to manage sessions with remote resources
  • Supports RDP and SSH
  • Makes the management of multiple active session is easy
  • Use as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with a secret server 

Advantages using Thycotic free tool,  Connection Manager,  which is a unified management tool of remote sessions:

  • 1. Remote Access
  • 2. Session Management
  • 3. Centralized Control
  • 4. Session Recording
  • 5. Tracking & Auditing


  • only RDP and SSH

Table of Contents


Download Link: https://ift.tt/3iLRfYK

Login will be required.

To complete your Thycotic authentication process you must generate a token.

Generate Token

Performing this action will create a valid token for this session. This token can be used by Thycotic tools to access Secret Server. Only click this button if you were directed to this page by a Thycotic product.


  • Installation Files are in Thycotic Support Portal
  • Installation files have Windows and Mac version.
  • Installation steps are different in different platform
  • Connection manager must be able to reach secret server.
  • Connection manager creates a lock encrypted file storage for saving local connections and Secure Server(s) connectivity information.


from Blogger http://blog.51sec.org/2021/07/thycotic-connection-manager.html

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