Why do we need time tracking software? Because it is tough to track the working time of employees who work from home, especially during this COVID-19 epidemic. Usually, medium to large enterprise-scale companies or businesses will use time tracking software as a monitoring tool.

Following the current work system changes, everyone has to adapt, especially after becoming freelancers. One of the changes is that they are usually paid hourly for some work projects, and time tracking software could help record the time they have used for working each day.

However, time tracking software is designed to allow individuals or business owners to track hours or to find out more generally, such as at which intervals their employees perform specific tasks.

The time tracking software service is primarily used by entrepreneurs, professional service companies such as consultants, freelancers, and larger businesses. And now, time tracking software has begun to be adopted by many companies that have remote employees.

Without waiting further, here’s the list of the six best apps to track time on Windows:

1. Today Calendar.

Today Calendar is one application that remote workers often use. This application will help you to make essential schedules so you don’t miss them later on. In addition, the Today Calendar can also be used as a reminder for specific events.

Yep, this makes your agenda neater and avoids schedule conflicts. Functioning as a reasonably accurate calendar application, Today Calendar can help you to run tasks quickly too. Another advantage is the look that’s attractive with several colors in each of its features.

2. Google Keep.

Another cool feature that Google provides for its users. Google Keep is a simple program for taking notes that also comes with several features. This note app gives you access to share notes with others. This application also makes it easy for you to take notes in your Google Drive account with an attractive appearance.

As a well-known application for taking notes, you can also use Google Keep to manage your schedule so you won’t miss it. It also works perfectly as your reminders app. You select the reminder button when you finish writing the schedule and the job’s done.

You can also make reminders based on time or location. So don’t worry about forgetting because Google Keep will notify you when you are close to a site on your schedule. While reminders are based on time, this notification will appear when the D day of your plan arrives.

3. Google Now

Google Now is an application that can run voice commands. Even with its increasingly rapid development, Google Now can still run various commands with ease. Besides opening applications or searching for information, you can also use this application as a reminder.

The way Google Now works as a reminder is the same as other reminder apps. You just have to say it via voice command, and Google Now will remind you of any of your upcoming activities. Besides being practical, you can also use Google Now services to view a list of reminders that have been created via your inbox from the Gmail App.

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is quite a fantastic time tracking software, ideal for tracking employee or freelancer time remotely. The application’s native features include monitoring chat, screenshot features, calculating salaries or fees for invoice purposes, and payments.

In conclusion, Time Doctor combines time tracking software, project management software, and employee monitoring software. When using Time Doctor, users need to install an extension on their browser to utilize the stopwatch feature.

5. Timely

Timely is a fully automated cloud-based time tracking app with native apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. This AI (artificial intelligence) supported software can be used by freelancers and business owners for the function of offering task or project planning, budget tracking, automatic meeting recording (minutes meeting), reports, and automatic reminders (reminder), and much more.

The team workloads can be balanced, and project managers can see which users have and have not logged their daily hours. The task’s duration can be scheduled, and the job can be assigned to a specific user. Detailed reports can also be generated and sent to clients with detailed invoices and information on what kind of tasks were performed.

6. Toggl

Toggl is one of the most straightforward time tracking software to help you get things done. Toggl can be accessed wherever you are (as long as you have an internet connection) and via any device you use.

Time tracking data will be synchronized in real-time. You can start the timer from your phone and stop the timer in your web browser via desktop. Toggl is an intuitive and easy-to-use service that gives you the tools you need to track time spent on a task. In your Google account, you can not only create projects and clients but also create work teams and workspaces.

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Tips for you freelancers. Don’t forget to manage your stress level. Don’t let the work stress you out, and find a way to remove the stress. Whether it’s a hobby, playing with pets, or inviting a partner over. Do the activities that make you happy for better stress management. That way, you can come up as a refreshed individual each day who’s ready to face all the works for the day.

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