After received free Microsoft 365 E5 developer program’s subscription, there are some special consideration or configuration you might want to think about it. Here are some advanced usage cases I collected.

Renew Subscription

You can check your Microsoft 365 E5 subscription from this link:

Based on Microsoft 365 Developer Program faq:

Your subscription is good for 90 days and is renewable based on valid developer activity. If you’re using your subscription for development, it will be renewed every 3 months and will last indefinitely. 

And Microsoft use “a set of algorithms and telemetry that we get from your activity in the Microsoft 365 Developer Program and on your Office 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription to determine whether you are actively developing“.

Basically, Microsoft does not give clear ideas what kind of activities can be defined as actively developing. But lots of people believes as long as you are using API actively, your subscription should be safe. 

One example to use API is to set up your OneDrive Index site. Here is my previous post about a serverless OneDrive Index Setup

Here are some posts:


Docker to run OneIndex:

Other suggestions from Reddit:

Increase OneDrive Space from 1T to 5T or More

Log into Microsoft 365 admin center using an admin account. 

Admin centers ->All admin centers -> OneDrive

Or directly from this link:

Change default (mininum) storage in GB from 1024 to 5120 for 5T space.

If 5T is still not enough, there are some other ways to upgrade to 25T for your account based on some Internet posts. You can find one post how to do this 25T upgrade from references section. 

Use Web GUI, only those user accounts created after this change made will get 5T. Existing account before 5T change made, are still got only 1T. 

Here are steps to use Shell tool to modify existing accounts’ OneDrive space:

1. InstallSharePoint Online Management Shell ToolDownload Address:

2. Enter following code from Shell window

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<organization name>

You can find out your organization name after you logged into your SharePoint site. For example, my url is

so my organization name is 51sec, then the code would be 

Connect-SPOService -Url

3. After enter the code, you will be prompted Microsoft 365 login window. Using your admin email address and password to log in. 

4. Change certain user’s (for example: test) OneDrive space size using following code:

Set-SPOSite -Identity mk -StorageQuota 5242880

Now you have successfully increased your existing user test’s OneDrive space size from 1T to 5T.

Catch All Emails

1. Change your domain to default domain and make sure accepted domain is Internal relay type. 

2. Create a rule

Start from admin -> All Admin Centers -> Exchange

or from this url:

Create a new rule:

Basically, all external user sent emails will be redirected to netsec and test those two users’ email boxes. 


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