Here are some notes I kept for checking SEPM server’s health status.

Symantec Reporting

Symantec Reporting : https://xxxx:8445/Reporting/login/login.php

Symantec Report

Server Health notification

Scheduling a Server Health notification or running a Server Health Report on the SEPM can be useful in identifying underlying issues. This Site Status Report can swiftly identify if the server is affected by persistent or intermittent underlying resource issues. (For example, insufficient hard drive space or RAM.)

The SEPM can be configured to raise an alert when server health becomes poor.

  1. In the SEPM console,Click on Monitors
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Server Health
  5. Enter a notification name
  6. Select the Damper value (how often alerts should be raised)
  7. Configure what action should be taken when server health becomes poor.
  8. Click OK

Also you can check notification conditions for those configured notifications.

Symantec System health notification

Site Status Report

Site Status Report

Test communication from SEP client to SEPM


Symantec SEP Client Communication Verification to SEPM



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