There is no official study guide from F5 which makes F5 101 exam hard. 

Updated on Feb 9 2016, now F5 has their official study guides:

To get them please visit F5 Education and choose the cert, or you can to login on F5 University, and then click on Training Catalog!

During my studying periods, I have found following URLs are helpful:

  1. Blue Print from F5 –
  2. F5 Application Delivery Fundamentals Complete Study Guide in PDF format from Philp J. –
  3. Veritable Networks – F5 Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam Study Guide  –
  4. f5 Application Delivery Fundamentals –
  5. Big-IP Modules Datasheet –
  6. F5 University –

For F5 other exam 201, 301a, and 301B, Eric posted his study guide at here:

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By Jon

7 thoughts on “F5 Study Materials: 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals and Others”
  1. could you please re-upload the Fundamentals Complete Study Guide file, coz it was corrupt.

    Many Thanks

  2. Took the exam just and passed. I looked he study quide only and it seemed to be very basic and easy,but suprise suprise, in the real exam there was quite alot things that were not in study quide at all so I think I passed with my 18years experience…

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