Just found my Cisco 1921 has same problem on ports 2002, 4002, 6002 and 9002, as described on this post.


Some Cisco Cisco Routers (1900/2900 Series) are answering to the TCP connection attempts (replying SYN-ACKs for the SYN requests) upon TCP ports 2002, 4002, 6002, and 9002.

Some other routers are answering tcp port 23 (telnet).

I used http://ping.eu/port-chk/ to test those ports, ports 2002, 4002, 6002 and 9002 are opening on my CISCO1921 router :

R1#show control-plane host open-ports
Active internet connections (servers and established)
Prot               Local Address             Foreign Address                  Service    State
 tcp                        *:22                         *:0               SSH-Server   LISTEN
 tcp                        *:23                         *:0                   Telnet   LISTEN
 tcp                      *:6002            TCP Protocols ESTABLIS
 udp                       *:123                         *:0                      NTP   LISTEN
 udp                      *:4500                         *:0                   ISAKMP   LISTEN
 udp                       *:161                         *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN
 udp                       *:162                         *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN
 udp                      *:1975                         *:0                      IPC   LISTEN
 udp                     *:57430                         *:0                  IP SNMP   LISTEN
 udp                       *:500                         *:0                   ISAKMP   LISTEN


1. Solution for ports 2002, 4002, 6002 and 9002 will be same as the post mentioned before:

Router#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)#line 2
Router(config-line)#transport input none

2. Solution for port 23:

R#conf t

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

R(config)#class-map type port-filter match-any TCP23

R(config-cmap)#match port tcp 23

R(config)#policy-map type port-filter FILTERTCP23

R(config-pmap)#class TCP23



R(config)#control-plane host

R(config-cp-host)#service-policy type port-filter input FILTERTCP23

*Aug 15 16:31:29: %CP-6-TCP: DROP TCP/UDP Portfilter ->
*Aug 15 16:31:30: %CP-6-TCP: DROP TCP/UDP Portfilter ->


1.PacketU’s Post
2. itcertnotes’ Post

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