Some Exciting GDS3 V1.0 Alpha feature from their website page, especially IOU Switching Support:

Alpha 2 Release – 16/04/14

  • New Dynamips IOS Support
  • Easy Idle PC Calculation and Configuration
  • IOS on UNIX Support
  • IOU Switching Support
  • Fast Topology Save and Load
  • Rapid Spanning-Tree

 1. VM Settings. Vmware Workstation has to be at least 10.0.

2. Login Window

username : root
password : cisco
username : gns3
password : cisco

3. Start GNS3 server and client

After log in with account gns3, open an terminal window and start gns3server first by entering following command
gns3@gns3-iouvm ~ $ su –
gns3-iouvm ~ # cd gns3-server-master/
gns3-iouvm gns3-server-master # gns3server

Open another terminal window to start gns3 client:

gns3@gns3-iouvm ~ $ su –
gns3-iouvm ~ # cd gns3-gui-master/
gns3-iouvm gns3-gui-master # gns3

4. IOU Upload Page

5. 设置GNS3自动启动

This is from the post of Netemu:
登录Linux后,点击左下角的“Menu“,再点击从上往下数第三个图标,选择系统设置。点击“Startup Programs”,再点击“Add”
第一个:name: GNS3
Command: /usr/local/bin/gns3
Comment: GNS3 GUI

第二个:name : GNS3Server
Command: /usr/local/bin/gns3server
Comment : Gns3Server



Note: Thanks the following posts for downloading address. 

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