Got this issue in the morning. Searched the Checkpoint Support Site and found sk72440

$FWDIR/conf/applications.C* and $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinks* files have become corrupted on Management Server / Multi-Domain CMA.
To resolve this issue, remove the $FWDIR/conf/applications.C* and $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinksMgr.* files from the Management Server.
On Management Server: 
  1. Stop Check Point services:

    [Expert@HostName]# cpstop

  2. Go to $FWDIR/conf/ directory and remove applications.C* and CPMILinks* files:

    [Expert@HostName]# cd $FWDIR/conf/
    [Expert@HostName]# mkdir backup_cache
    [Expert@HostName]# mv $FWDIR/conf/applications.C* $FWDIR/conf/backup_cache/
    [Expert@HostName]# mv $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinks* $FWDIR/conf/backup_cache/

  3. Start Check Point services:

    [Expert@HostName]# cpstart

  4. Connect with SmartDashboard to Management Server.
  • $FWDIR/conf/applications.C and $FWDIR/conf/CPMILinksMgr.db will be created again automatically.
  • The ‘$FWDIR/conf/backup_cache‘ directory can be removed after the solution is verified.

By Jon

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