Checkpoint SPLAT WebUI brings some crucial features when working on configuration or maintenance, especially for operations. In some certain environment, browser compatibility really bothers me a lot. Here is the envrionment:

SPLAT version R75.40 (but same on R75.20 and R75.30)

1. Chrome

2. IE 8
Some machines I got the following error “You must include webisapi.js in order for webisBrowserSupport.js to work. “
But it is much slower than previous version when it works.
3. Firefox 12 or 7
It shows following error when trying to browse some pages such  as upgrade:

“xslProcessor.transformDocument is not a function”.

After did a research from Checkpoint website, I found this: 
00859599 If using Firefox 8 or higher for the SecurePlatform WebUI, this error can sometimes show: “xslProcessor.transformDocument is not a function”.
So how about Firefox 7, actually, it is same problem.
Then I installed Firefox 4, hah, it works magically. 

Now, I always keep a copy for Firefox 4 installation file , just in case.

Update: Gaia actually doesnot have this issue from my testing. I am working on to upgrade all gateways to R75.40 Gaia version. Unfortunately, Smart-1 is having issue to Gaia. 

By Jon

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